Washer Repair

We all depend on our washers, when your washer is not working it can be a big problem. In this situation you will need expert washer repair. Los Angeles residents go to Art Appliance repair when they need reliable service for their appliances. Every appliance requires special training to repair, if you try to fix it yourself it could be dangerous and you could damage the machine. All of our technicians are 100 percent qualified to fix any brand or model of washing machine.

There are many issues that you can experience when it comes to your washer, here are some of the most common:

  • Digital display stops working on your Kenmore washer
  • Your LG washer is making strange noises
  • Kenmore washer is running slow
  • Your Monogram washer is out of balance
  • Viking washer stopped filling with water
  • Spin cycle is malfunctioning on your LG washer
  • Whirlpool washer doesn’t drain
  • Washer has stopped running!

If your washer is not working properly it can be a disaster. Not being able to wash your clothes and linens is problem enough but a malfunctioning machine can actual damage your belongings! Don’t buy a new machine if you don’t have to, regular maintenance can extend the life of the unit, saving you money!

We love to provide:

  • Santa Monica washer repair
  • Beverly Hills washer repair
  • Brentwood washer repair
  • Pasadena washer repair
  • Glendale washer repair
  • Burbank washer repair
  • Arcadia washer repair
  • Thousand Oaks washer repair
  • Calabasas washer repair
  • Simi Valley washer repair

If you are having any problems with your washer give Art Appliance Repair a call at 1-800-282-9144. We will schedule an appointment as soon as possible!