Viking Appliance Repair Los Angeles

Viking Appliance Repair Los Angeles

Viking appliances can be summed up as high end professional units designed for home and business use. The products are separated into various lines that include the Professional Series, Designer Series, outdoor cooking products, and a commercial line. The products include:

• Dishwashers
• Refrigerators
• Ovens & Cook tops
• Outdoor cooking appliances
• Commercial appliances

Viking stainless steel appliances are beautiful in the eyes of serious cooks residing in Los Angeles who also appreciate the boldly elegant styling. Starting with the Professional Series you will find ranges that are 24 inches to 30 inches wide. There are gas, duel fuel and electric ranges. State-of-the-art features include the high performance burner and convection baking that some appliance owners swears can cook any type of food to perfection. This series also includes gas and electric range tops and a set of ovens. The ovens can be purchased in a variety of configurations including the micro oven, single or double oven, microwave and convection microwave, convection oven and more.

The Professional Series refrigerators and freezers also offer a variety of sizes with widths ranging from 26 inches to an enormous 48 inches. Quiet and frost free operation, a choice of door configurations, built-in or free standing designs, cabinet-depth sizing, and an Energy Star rating make the Viking refrigerators high performance units. Also sold are beverage centers and wine cellars.

The Designer Series offers the same types of appliances and features but are a bit more stylish in design compared to the streamlined Professional Series. The addition of curves and contours creates the more fashionable styling. The oven widths are standard size at 30 inches wide. The range tops, ovens, refrigerators, wine cellars, and beverage centers are designed to provide perfected performance whether you are talking about even heat or steady cooling.

By the way, both the Professional and Designer Series can be ordered with custom colored panels.

Viking really stands out in the crowd when it comes to outdoor cooking and refrigeration products. The upscale free-range kitchens take outdoor cooking to unimaginable levels. You can get the image of barbecue grills out of your mind because these are the ultimate appliances with features like electronic ignition, numerical thermometer, side burners, infrared grillers, wok cooker, thermal convection baking and so much more. There are ovens, warming drawers, grills, refrigerators, smoker ovens, side burner units and storage/work bases, refreshment centers and ice machines that can be mixed and matched to create the ideal outdoor kitchen.

You can’t talk about Viking appliances and not mention the commercial product line. Large and small units are built with heavy duty construction and open space so multiple chefs can communicate. The stainless steel units are a marvel to behold with adjustable shelves, hidden flu, range ovens with stainless steel or porcelain interiors, fryer, and cabinet bases. Sealed burners produce 30,000 BTUs. Other options include modular hot tops, griddles, salamanders (infrared burners), cheesemelters and refrigerated bases.

Caring for the Viking appliances is simple because all products are designed to make cleaning a simple task. In the event you do need a repair, ART Appliance Repair in Los Angeles can handle small and large repair jobs whether in the home or a business. As you would expect, Viking appliances are able to deliver such high performance because they have sophisticated electronic controls and circuitry. ART Appliance Repair technicians are fully qualified to repair and maintain all Viking appliances. You can easily schedule an appointment by calling 1-800-282-9144