Freezer Repair

Your freezer is a very important appliance, having a freezer that isn’t working is a real problem! You need professional freezer repair. Los Angeles tends to get hot, but this is not the only time you depend on your freezer. You need to keep things cold all year! Art Appliance Repair has trained technicians that are ready to troubleshoot and fix any of your freezer issues. We ensure our employees are fully qualified to repair any freezer brand or model including but not limited to Kenmore, GE, Maytag and Amana.

Your freezer can save you money all year long. Many families buy in bulk, but sometimes there is just too much product and it can go bad! Freezing allows you to put food away and use it at a later time. Freezing things like meat, fruit and vegetables allows you to plan meals ahead of time which also saves you time. Freezers have many internal components that need regular maintenance. Maintaining your freezer will allow you to keep it longer and avoid buying a new unit.

There are many problems you can encounter with your freezer here are some that we see most often:

  • GE freezer has parts that need to be replaced
  • Appliance is frozen over
  • Frigidaire leaks
  • There is a problem with the temperature
  • Amana freezer is making strange noises
  • Maytag freezer is not defrosting
  • Faulty seals on your Kenmore freezer
  • Freezer stops working!

If you are experiencing any of these problems or you just need regular maintenance give Art Appliance Repair a call at 1-800-282-9144.

We provide:

  • Santa Monica Freezer Repair
  • Beverly Hills Freezer Repair
  • Brentwood Freezer Repair
  • Pasadena Freezer Repair
  • Glendale Freezer Repair
  • Arcadia Freezer Repair
  • Burbank Freezer Repair
  • Calabasas Freezer Repair
  • Simi Valley Freezer Repair
  • Thousand Oaks Freezer Repair